Fashion in the Age of Datini

Rule of the Hosiers of Touraine

Author: au
Original Language: Middle French
Place of Composition: Montils-lès-Tours
Date of Composition: February 1447/1448
Source of Text: Ordinances des rois de France XIII pp. 536-539
Source of Translation: S. Manning 2021
Conditions of Use: Please give me credit for transcribing this text. Please give me credit for the translation and ask permission before quoting in print.

Most of this rule is not very informative about material culture, but there are a few useful clauses.

Original Translation
(7) Item. Que lesdiz Marchans puissent vendre & faire chausses & chaussons de drap bons & loyaulx, de toutes couleurs & de toutes malles de drap & de cuir, besaces de toiles doubles sangles & garnies de cuir, se il leur plaist, & aussi ouvrer dudit mestier de nuyt & de jour, & couldre de fil double & à double cousture, ainsi que raison est, & comme il est acoustumé en la ville de Paris. Item, that the said merchants may sell and make hose and socks of cloth good and faithful, of all colours and of all pouches of cloth and of leather, panniers of single or double linen and garnished with leather, if it pleases them, and also the said mastery may work by night and by day, and sew with double thread and double stitching, as is reasonable, and as it was accustomed in the city of Paris.
(9) Item. Que chascun ouvraige sera fair souffisamment, moillé, tondu & retrait ainsi qu'il appartient, au dit des Jurez, garni de toule neufve, & tel que là où la toille fauldra, on y mettre lieure jusq'à l'estache derriere; & quant à certaines manieres de chausses que l'en a acoustumé de faire rondes sans queue, pour gens de païs, garnyes à un ou dieux escussons, on les pourra faire de drap moillé & tondu, comme dessus est dit. Item: that each work shall be made sufficiently, wet, sheared and re-stretched just as is proper for it, by the word of the jurors, garnished with new linen, and just as there where the linen ends, one shall put a fastening just like the support at the rear; and when for certain types of hose it is customary to make them round without a tail, for people of the country, garnished with one or two bundles, they shall be made of wet and sheared cloth, as is said above.
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