Fashion in the Age of Datini

Inventories and Expense Accounts

This is a guide to published inventories and lists of expenses in making clothing with a focus on the period 1300-1430.

English great wardrobe 1340s nicolas-order-of-the-garter

Bonis accounts 1339-1368: forestie-livres-de-comptes

French Argenterie accounts for 1352: Paris, AN, KK 8: Illuminating Fashion p. 5 n. 15, Douēt-d’Arcq 1852 pp. 82-187 darcq-comptes-de-largenterie

King of Navarre’s expenses 1367-1370 izarn-compte-du-roi-de-Navarre

John of Gaunt’s Register (1372-76) armitage-smith-john-of-gaunts-register

Accounts of Philip the Bold of Burgundy in Prost (1363-1377 offline, 1378-1390 online) prost-inventaires-des-ducs-de-bourgogne pp. 295 §1680, 497 §3202, 502 §3226, 530 §3311, 562 §3426 have pourpoints and petit pourpoints, 562 and 529 §3694 have cotton, p. 185 has blue toile, 452 has toille of Reims, various jupons

Inventory of the Goods of Charles V of France, 1379 labarte-inventaire-de-charles-v

Dijon inventories volume 1: 1390-1408 ferrand-inventaires-dijon-i

English account from 1393/1394 baildon-wardrobe-account

Inventory of the Effects of Philip the Bold of Burgundy (d. 1404): Dijon, Archives Départementales de la Côte d’Or, B 301: volume 2 pp. 847-849

Datini inventories (1394-1410): hayez-toccafondi-palazzo-datini-a-prato

Burgundian accounts 1416-1420 mollat-comptes-generaux

English duke's accounts from 1418-1421: woolgar-household-accounts

Camille Couderc, Les comptes d’un grand couturier parisien du XVe siècle (Paris: n.p., 1911) {Dates from 1423 to 1473

Burgundian accounts in Laborde: laborde-ducs-de-bourgogne-2-1 laborde-ducs-de-bourgogne-2-2

Inventory of the effects of Piero di Lorenzo de' Medici (1465): muentz-collections-des-medicis

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