Fashion in the Age of Datini

What Did They Do With Brooches?

"Tubal-cain the blacksmith and Naaham the weaver", British Library, Egerton MS 1894, fol. 2v (English, c. 1350-1375)

Brooches are very common small finds in Europe from the Iron Age into the 15th century. But when we find them in the mud of the Thames or read about them in an inventory, it is not always clear what they were for. Many of these are so small that they are hard to see in paintings and shift around in graves. People in the middle ages seem to have used brooches to do the following things:

Can you think of anything else? Or think of examples for the ones marked ? where I can’t think of a source? If so, please contact me.

Many fine artisans sell replica brooches / broaches in handsome pewter or bronze and silver. Mark Shier and Billy and Charlie have posts on how they make theirs.

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