Fashion in the Age of Datini

Age of Datini

This is a website about the things people in Italy and the neighbouring countries made and used in everyday life between roughly 1360 and 1410.

The contents of this site are divided into six categories. Artefacts cover a type of artefact with a common name such as "beds" or "knives (working)." The focus is on pointing to evidence, so these are more like 'pages from a notebook' than refined writing. Essays are more polished and 'atomic,' they are less likely to grow and change one sentence or citation at a time. Sources are things written or painted or carved during the middle ages, particularly written sources in the original language and sometimes translation. Reconstructions (in progress) are reconstruction of medieval artefacts. Vocationes are calls for sources and requests for comments. Bibliographies have information on the books, databases, artwork, and articles which I cite.

  1. Here is an artefact: swords and sheaths (not fully ported, you can compare the old version)
  2. Here is an essay: what is the Age of Datini?
  3. Here is a source text: the baggage of a student in 1347.
  4. Here is a reconstruction
  5. Here is a bibliography page

This website is a scrapbook or commonplace book. It is a place to group together evidence and citations on different topics, not a polished book with authoritative pontifications about different topics. When in doubt, look at the sources and scholars I cite not to an autodidact on the Internet!

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