Fashion in the Age of Datini

How a Man Shall be Armed

Author: Anonymous
Original Language: Middle English
Place of Composition: England
Date of Composition: circa 1460-1470 by the language and art; the manuscript was owned by Sir John Astley, Knight of the Garter, who died in 1486
Source of Text: Viscount Dillon (Harold Arthur), "On a MS. Collection of Ordinances of Chivalry of the Fifteenth Century, belonging to Lord Hastings." Archaeologia, or, Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity, Vol. 57, No. 1 (1900) pp. 43, 44
Source of Translation: S. Manning 2021
Conditions of Use: Please give me credit for transcribing this text. Please give me credit for the translation and ask permission before quoting in print.
The most famous picture in the so-called Hastings MS: Morgan Library, NY, MS. 775. Image courtesy of the Morgan Library, NY.

There is a perfectly fine transcription of this part ofthe 'Hastings manuscript' at I have transcribed it myself because that page does not say which edition it is based on.

Original Translation
How a man schall be armyd at his ese when he schal fighte on foote [f. 122b] translation will go here
He schal have no schirte up on him but a dowbelet of ffustean lyned with satene cutte ful of hoolis . the dowbelet muste be strongeli boūdē there the poyntis muste be seete aboute the greet of the arme . and the b ste (sic) before and behynde and the gussetis of mayle muste be sowed un to the dowbelet in the bought of the arme . and unndir the arme the armynge poyntis muste be made of fyne twyne such as men make stryngis for crossebowes and they [f. 123] muste be trussid small and poyntid as poyntis. Also they muste be wexid with cordeweneris coode . and than they woll neythir recche nor breke Also a payr' hosyn̄ of stamyn sengill and a peyre of shorte bulwerkis of thynne blanket to put aboute hus kneys for chawfynge of his lighernes Also a payre of shone of thikke cordewene and they muste be frette with smal whipcorde thre knottis up on a corde and thre coordis muste be faste sowid un to the hele of the shoo and fyne cordis in the mydill of the soole of the same shoo and that ther be betwene the frettis of the heele and the frettis of the myddill of the shoo the space of thre fyngris. Proofread 12 July 2021. 1.1 No shirt but a doublet, 1.2 the doublet must be strongly built, 1.3 the points must be set about the joint of the am and the breast, 1.4 gussets of mai, 1.4 arming points, 1.6 cordwainers' code, 1.7 hose and bulwerks, 1.8 shoes
To arme a man. translation will go here
ffirste ye muste sette on Sabatones and tye hem up on the shoo with smale pyntis that wol [not] breke And then griffus & then quisses & þe the breche of mayle And thē tonletis And thē brest And þē vambras And þē rerebras And then glovys. And then hange his daggere upon his right side. And then his short swerde upon the lyfte side in a rounde rynge all nakid to pulle it oute lightli. And then putte his cote upon his bak. And then his basinet pỹnid up on two greet staplis before the breste with a dowbill bokill behynde up on the bak for to make the basinet sitte juste. And then his long swerde in his hande. And then his pensill in his hande peyntid of seynt George or of oure lady to blesse him with as he gooth towerde [f. 123b] the felde and in the felde Proofread 12 July 2021 - 2.1 sabatons 2.2 greaves, cuisses, breech of mail 2.3 tonlets and breast, 2.4 vambrace, rerebrace, and gloves. 2.5 dagger 2.6 short sword 2.7 coat 2.8 bascinet 2.9 long sword 2.10 pennoncel
The day that the Pelaunt and the defendaunt shall fighte what they shal have wt hem in to the felde translation will go here

[A] tente muste be pight in the felde
Also a cheyre
Also a basyn-
Also .vj. loves of breed
Also .ij. galones of wyne
Also a messe of mete flesshe or fisshe
Also a borde and a peyre of trestelis to sette his mete and drynke on
Also a borde clothe
Also a knyf for to cutte his mete
Also a cuppe to drynke of
Also a glas with a drynke made
Also a dosen tresses of armynge poyntis
Also an hamyr and pynsones and a bicorne
Also a smale nayles a dosen-
Also a spere a longe swerde shorte swerde and dagger
Also a kerchif to hele the viser of his bascinet
Also a pensell to bere in his hande of his avowyre


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