Fashion in the Age of Datini

Main HEMA websites and forums in different languages

This was originally posted on the Schola Gladiatoria forum at With permission from the author, I have archived it here without the miscellaneous comments and suggestions. It was active between August 2012 and June 2013 and some or all of these sites may have gone offline or moved.

Matt (Easton of ScholaGladiatoria - ed.) asked an interesting question about what HEMA forums are active right now. I wonder too, particularly in languages other than English. One thing that I'm very conscious of is my ignorance of what the continental HEMA community is doing, outside a few people like Mat Gallas or Roland Warzecha. It can also be hard to learn what is happening when one is new to the community, since so much scholarly communication takes place in person or through letters or forum posts. So, I ask you all: what forums in what languages do you sometimes read for material on historical martial arts?

I suggest that we give full names and URLs and a bit about each site's focus so those of us with limited time or limited knowledge of the language in question can see whether a forum sounds interesting. I also suggest we leave out static websites, like the Knights of the Wild Rose edition of the Pissani-Dossi, and ones that are loosely related to historical martial arts, like Douglas Strong's studies of armour in effigies.

Edit: After some thought, I have decided to treat this as a bibliography and avoid comments on my view of the merits of various sites. This doesn't mean that I agree with everything I include in the list, or that I disagree with everything which isn't in the list. I haven't read all of these, let alone all the HEMA sites that exist, and it seems best to cast one's net widely.

Fora and Mailing Lists- English

Blogs- English

Websites- English

Fora- Dutch

Websites- French

Fora- French

Fora- Galician and Portugese

Websites- German

Fora- German

Websites- Hungarian

Websites- Italian

Fora- Spanish

Websites- Spanish

Fora- Swedish

Websites- Swedish

What other languages: French? Italian? Spanish? Medieval Latin? Zulu? What about other sites where scholarly material on historical martial arts is periodically published?

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