Fashion in the Age of Datini

A Bibliography of Early Modern Clothing (1490-1620)

This is a list of books and articles on clothing in Catholic and Protestant Europe from 1490 to 1620 with an emphasis on doublets. These can be hard to find in the main bibliography. If there is a whole series of books from an author or museum, it often just cites one because in the days of the Internet the others are a click away.

I have divided this page into books and articles, websites, and prints, paintings, and sculptures.

The Abegg-Stiftung has other publications. I have links to the three Spanish pattern-books under Drei Schnittbücher above.

I can also mention some websites which are not in the main list because their focus is after 1500.

Some more scajun projects are and

Some prints, paintings, and sculptures are also useful.

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